Frugal Pantry Challenge Jan 2018, Jan 2nd Running out of essentials already!

Frugal Pantry Challenge Jan 2018, Jan 2nd Running out of essentials already!

So far it has been all about the food but also included in this challenge are cleaning, toiletries and other non food items. So being super organised (laugh) I have already run out of washing up liquid, however I used to use soap nuts for washing up before the kids (grown up ones) moved back in, but as they didn’t really understand the soapnut culture, I brought in washing liquids for clothes and dishes that they would recognise and feel comfortable with, but am sticking to my personal challenge this month and hope they will come to appreciate the benefits of the wonderful soapnut!. Often I use the almost spent nuts from my laundry washing as wash up liquid just to get the very last bit from them just by shaking them up in a jar by the sink P1080305but decided to do it properly today. I found super clear instructions on a blog by Mrs Thrifty who has really looked into cleaning with soap nuts, but the gist of it goes

Weigh out 100 g of soapnuts and crush them down by placing in a bag and pressing down with a rolling pin.P1080307

Boil in six cups of boiling water for 20 minutes.P1080309

Leave to stand overnight.P1080312

Drain off the liquid and put into a suitable receptacle making sure it is labelled clearly. Add a few drops of grease cutting essential oil like eucalyptus or lemon (optional). I am using my empty ecover bottle, and you are ready to goP1080311

This is a link to an earlier post on soap nuts with another washing up liquid idea but am looking forward to trying out today’s simpler method.

Natural washing up liquid

When I am using soap nuts for washing laundry I just add my little muslin bag filled with about 6 nuts to the main drum and for softner I use a couple of squirts of white vinegar and a few drops of lemon or orange essential oil. I can get at least a good four or five washes out this bag before needing to refill with fresh nuts and it works out very  economical. 1kg of soap nuts is enough for 330 washes which is an average of 3p a wash they are environmentally very friendly, soap nuts have been used for thousands of years as a natural cleaning detergent and any spent nuts can be put in the compost.P1080314

Foodwise I was wondering how to make the best use of my bumper bag of cranberries and decided to try them with porridge this morning after a prompt from the facebook group I am doing the challenge with and they tasted wonderful, also cranberries are very beneficial for helping maintain a healthy urinary tract.

For dinner this evening I have premade a tuna pasta bake as am busy this afternoon and this will be nice to come home to especially as in Cornwall we hunkering down as Eleanor is expected to bring 80 mile an hour winds tonight.

Creamy Tuna Pasta Bake

So this is GD’s recycled candle wax being put to good use as a table warmer,P1080299 with four wicks I don’t need to put the heating on!. And I am also layering up and wearing my big warm jumper which I nearly let go to charity earlier as I am not fond of its colour but thankfully I didn’t as it really keeps the chill out and you know what its actually growing on me. P1080304

So my challenge is spilling out into other areas of my life, I would be interested to know if anyone else reading the blog is doing anything similar and how they are getting along.

2 thoughts on “Frugal Pantry Challenge Jan 2018, Jan 2nd Running out of essentials already!”

  • Hi am going to do the pantry challenge. Have lot’s of beetroot to get through. Making a lentil stew today as a start. Good luck with Eleanor

  • Hi Derek good luck with the challenge and hope your stew turns out great. I just read today about the open tray method of freezing beetroot which I am going to try tomorrow, and if you use the search bar down the side you will find there are a couple of beetroot recipes on this blog too.

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