January 1st 2018 Frugal Pantry Challenge

January 1st 2018 Frugal Pantry Challenge

Happy New Year!

Already I am seeing good results from this January drive I am on to get off the merry go round of  just purchasing things, (almost automatum), to fill a perceived need or gap, really exposing a mindset of living from lack rather from enough, even plenty.  When not expending energy in buying more stuff it releases time to pay attention to the things you really do want or need to do.

‘Freedom’ is a word that comes to mind.

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So today we had croissants and choco pains left over from xmas for breakfast and potato waffles, eggs, bacon and beans for lunch and with ten of us for the evening meal we had a pot luck meal as such and it made a big dent in using up all the little odds and ends from the holiday, like pate, cheeses, crackers etc. 


Oils looking neater having found a couple well out of date! letting me condense down into one neat box, trick now is to use them ‘all’ up before purchasing any new or different ones.


Breakfast croissants and pains out of the ‘jumble’ bag and now date orderly to serve from the box, and assorted crisp selection in the top box instead of all mixed up in the big carry bag (see previous posts), everyone liked this idea.P1080297

and day 1 complete of the ‘no online orders’ challenge and so far have resisted temptation!Image result for challenge

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