January allotment update

January allotment update

Morning at the allotment, January sunshine.P1080493

The seaview always amazes me P1080525

This place is just so full of magic, the kids maze and little house

willow arch to the tiered tyre seat theatre where weddings sometimes take place, frame for the big yurt which goes up in the spring and the footpath down to the beach

I  can’t believe we have access to all this,

This is the compost loo, solar wash station and shower block and the wall seat, the stonework on the wall is brilliant and its so comfy to rest in.

Cob oven and the fire pit

Todays work, renewing the bark on the front of the allotment and defining a pathway which will lead to a shed on the right and a poly tunnel on the left of the plot

We still have vibrant green winter cabbages, fresh orange/red carrots, pungent coriander and strong flavoursome leeks growing

Can’t wait to make a dijon mustard cheese and leek tart with the leeks.

Plans for the allotment this year are polytunnel set up, (have it just need to put it up), shed which we will be able to use as a kitchen to cook in when its still cold out, straight from the earth to the pan, then in warmer weather down to the sea for a swim!

FPC 121/18,  GD and I are continuing to munch through the turkey soup we made at xmas adding different veggies or dumplings, just mixing it up a bit from day to day, we are down to 2 remaining tubs in the freezer and then there will be nothing but veg, stock and fruit left. Plan is to make a leek and cheese flan to have with the sauerkraut I already made with the garden cabbages and with some fresh toms on the side, and as nice as the soup has been, flan will bring a welcome change next week.

Also still not succumbed to any online orders and its the end of week two!.

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