Temptation! Pantry Jan 2018 Challenge

Temptation! Pantry Jan 2018 Challenge

You know when you have made a resolution and then you catch yourself doing exactly the same thing you told yourself you weren’t going to do, well thats what happened to me yesterday,  I went to go get a few items from Lidl, as soon as I got in the first aisle I was “oh that would be nice and that looks tasty”, I was like a kid in a sweet shop, but then I remembered my challenge and I had to get my head back in the game, I came out of that shop with just the items on the list!, whoop whoop.

These were the budget allowed items

cleaning, clearing and listing has been hard work but doing this is sowing a great foundation to the New Year.

Last night’s dinner of baked potatoes with creamy melted butter, using up all the odds and ends of  cheeses and pates, was delicious, so delicious I forgot to take a snapshot!, sides were sweetcorn and baked beans.

This is the fluffy white bread made this morning the kids like and another loaf I added sundried tomato to, so nice with soup.P1080354

Oh! I actually managed to clean out and list my shed freezer, so here it is.P1080346P1080348

There is a workshop starting tonight I am attending running over the weekend so Monday will be the next post and will run a catch up.

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