Uncle Mike

Uncle Mike

When unexpected death rears its ugly head it is like recieving a slap in the face, time stops in that instance and the world turns black and white for a moment, breath ceases stuck in your chest, then it is all you hear as you begin to breath in long and deep and exhale again in disbelief and denial of the words you just heard. Sudden death gives new perspective on life that you are currently engaged in. Struggles and concerns fade into categories of genuine, middling or just downright ridiculous, all those plans and worries you had for the next couple of weeks, all those engagements you had booked… well the foundation of your life changes and in a second of time all is changed,  that factor you never saw coming ‘death’ just changed the script,  a piece of  your life’s play is not the performance anymore and now there is just an empty house with no one in it, a car without its driver, glasses without their wearer and a great big hole in your heart. Sudden death is unkind to those who remain but in some cases kinder to those who would not have wanted to linger, we say things like well it was better to have gone quick than to have suffered, but death stings in any culture, but I think in the west we have much to learn from the east where death is incorporated into the whole life cycle from babe in arms to the shedding of the body that comes naturally in old age.

I want to remember my Uncle as the brilliant engineer that he was and the kind man who came into my life after my dad had passed away and was a father figure to me in many ways for over four decades. Mike with his Northern accent who always greeted me “hello duck” who even after mum had passed away continued to travel hundreds of miles every May to meet me at mums ashes place to commemorate her passing, Mike who loved my mum to the end, even when she didn’t even know who he was anymore and took her on travels all around the world to nice sunny places that she loved, always watching out for her, always kind to her.

Mike always loved to walk, he loved the hills and mountains,  he always spoke softly, he always told the truth

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Any ways I just wanted to do a little something to honour Uncle Mike. Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, eyeglasses and closeup

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