Snow in Cornwall

Snow in Cornwall

Ya-aaay Snow in Cornwall!. P1080661

It has been eight years since snow fell in Cornwall according to ‘Cornwalllive’.

‘In January 2010 an unusually large sprinkling of the white stuff caused havoc across the county. Schools were forced to close after 18cm (7in) of snow fell in some areas. The weather also caused disruption on major and minor roads across Cornish towns and villages’.

So just had to get out there in the snow today and get some pics.

GD and I headed over to nearby st Agnes Beacon to get a good vista of the surrounding fields, bottom right pic is the mine ruin ‘Wheal Coates’  Which lies on the cliffs overlooking the sea.

Below are pics of the hillsides carpeted with heather and gorse and a fresh dusting of snow.

Snow on my boots!, it is  one of the things I have missed so much since leaving London,  and me and GD all wrapped up.

Loved this shot of a horse with blanketP1080692

We headed down to the coast from the hill but the snow turned to sleet as we descended.


Up to our allotment which looked like a fairyland.

Picked some leeks and cabbage for dinner tonight.

Pic of teasels, a type of thistle growing at the allotment, along the banks, it is a valuable source of nectar for bees and butterflies and also attracts many seed eating birds.P1080724


Willow pics.

One of my favourites pussy willow.



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