April- month of reflection

April- month of reflection

Each one has to find his peace from within.” ― Mahatma Gandhi

‘In that state of peace, there are no cravings and no lack. Needs are life-affirming and arise not out of lack, but out of abundance’. 


April for me this year I have decided is a month in which I am dedicated to spend time in reflection on what it takes to craft my life simple and find peace. It is in the smallest of everyday decisions and choices that bigger change begins, choices to move slower, consume less, think simpler. 

mother teresa


It finds me re- dedicating to the pantry challenge,

To kick start this quest I have parted ways with Amazon Prime. It may sound trivial but I spend precious time looking for the best deals and that creates the want and fuels the addiction to gaining ‘the bargain’, but at what price?, it does not bring me peace. I actually love to shop hands on for my food and needs and to feel the energies of the products that will become my body cells or create my home environment.
bowl of strawberries

In a state of reflection it affords time to take that pause, to breath and ask, do I really need anything else to add to to my life?, is this merely a want in reaction to a stimuli  or a real need?. Contemplation will show if am I happy spending finite resources on a product, or show me if there is something I already possess that I can use, re use or adapt to meet the need and thereby reduce clutter in my life . I want to see what happens if I take less than what I think I need and see what happens when I run out of things. Will I think outside the box, will I feel freer as I change my attitude?.

living simply

The January food pantry challenge (which I have continued through Feb and March) has been a great springboard for setting a mindset of creativeness as regards to food stuffs, but I have noticed some convenience processed foods creeping back into my basket, processed foods are generally full of chemicals which are typically harmful to our health, coming packaged in single-use plastic, this is so damaging to both ourselves and the planet. but what about the rest of life ?.

GD and I have now a tiny fraction of the income we had before downsizing, and when I look at many of our purchases of the last two years since we have been here I could cry with how many of them have been purely reactionary and how we have let go of valuable resource in ultimately a wasteful way. I want to change my mindset so that it is second nature to see what I have as enough.
I want April to be the month in which my endeavor to live a simple life becomes an art form, as nosidebar.com says

of the slow and small, intentional pursuit of less. The daily decisions to do, have, eat, keep, and use less every day.

No more comparisons, no more expectations, no more busy’.

less stuff


Soon we will be felling some of the tree that are deadwood along our stone wall and some branches at least of others that are blocking the sunlight and leaving our deep beds in deep shade, we know we are making a bench with two of the bigger trees and saving the rest for our wood burning fire.

I  am  excited to see how little we can live on, with ten to feed frequently every week, I know we need so desperately to slow our pace and think more sustainably, and also need to revisit about what our dreams were when we made the decision to downsize.


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