Day 1 of a simple life

Day 1 of a simple life

First I made some einkorn bread with some flour that has been sitting on the shelf for quiet some time waiting for me to get my head round its properties which are very unlike any of the regular bread flours I am used to, it is much more rye like and denser than I’m used to.P1080861

We had this with eggs from our girl Fae, fried and sprinkled with black pepper and  veggie bacon .P1080859


Fae looking as lovely as ever, she is such a lovely girl
Sadly our much loved ‘Crystal’ on the right passed away unexpectedly a few days ago


I made some slow pot rice pudding as well with freshly grated nutmeg and 1 1/2 pints of 12 pints of milk we had in the fridge. I should note we are sometimes in receipt of odd surplus or short date goods, it can be fruit, milk, breads and such like, we make soft cheeses frequently from the milks, but rice pudd makes a nice change.

we had this for our evening meal and it was delicious just love the fresh nutmeg topping

For lunch today I turfed everything out of the fridge and from the ingredients that needed using I made a layer salad with finely chopped lettuce, tomato, red pepper and onion, I mixed in a light layer of mayo and topped off with grated carrot, to serve with it, the last of some baby potatoes and some grilled mackerel sprinkled with  chilli flakes, GD had ham left by our son as he is now away for the easter.P1080868

I juiced a ripe melon and used the juice as a base for a fruit salad, I chopped mandarins, pears, apples and bananas and we had that for a pudding. P1080866

I also have a little pile of unknown mixed herbal tea bags, so am making a point of using them all up first, so every cuppa is an adventure!.

ye-aaay! green this time

Today GD and I walked all the dogs which we are babysitting down along the shore and then sowed seeds ready for the greenhouse GD has made out of a shelving rack and some polythene sheetingP1080885

There are a lot more seeds to sow and will post more info on the sowing later.

So yesterday’s  move to simplicity was to leave Amazon Prime. Today we making Wednesday night our no technology night, instead we will read books, sing, drum, play board games, walk, write and see how we get on, maybe not radical (yet) but baby steps.

Radicle from Late Latin rādīcālis having roots, from Latin rādix a root
love the following pic I found on ‘Circle of  Hope’


The radicle is the the embryonic root inside the seed that breaks out first and grows downward into the soil to establish the plant. It becomes its primary source of sustenance.

3 thoughts on “Day 1 of a simple life”

  • Well done for having a day without films and Internet and for leaving amazon prime. You get so much more done and can be more creative. Nice to hear you are sowing seeds

  • Thank you so much for the encouragement and taking time to comment, today we had a no car day and walked everywhere.

  • So sorry to hear about Crystal. I love the mystical herbal teabag idea… that’s what my tea bags are like. Lots of love

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