Allotment no.10 is blooming

Allotment no.10 is blooming

No.10 is absolutely blooming this year. This our second year, third sumer at the eco park, Every time I go there I need to pinch myself, I am filled with gratitude that the universe has conspired that we get to work our little plot of land on such a breathtaking site.P1090122

From the front of the plot we have growing leeks, cucumbers, butternut squash, lines of swede, turnip and parsnip, under the front cloches are a mix of cabbage and kale tuscany and curly. Next are carrots then beetroot, then rows of peas some under cloches some already growing up their cage strings.

There are sunflowers dotted around the length of the plot and patches of calendula, coriander and nettle which I harvest and dry, calendula for skin preparations, coriander for seasoning and nettle to make nettle tea.



We have first and second earlies and onion sets and shallots doing well.


P1090109We are starting a fruit area at the allotment and have just a few bushes to start us off including rhubarb, strawberry, blackcurrant, raspberry and blueberry. Next year we plan to plant extra gooseberry, (we have just planted 2 in the back garden), as a welcome addition.

We grow in deep beds and planters in our back garden salad crops such as radish,

spring onion, mixed salad leaves and mustard lettuce, pak choi and a great many herbs such as chamomile,

beautiful chamomile from a previous harvest

dill, tarragon, rosemary, oregano, parsley, sage, winter savoy, various mints

we have spearmint, peppermint and garden mint

We are lucky enough to also have a fig, a cherry, 2 apples and a pear tree in the garden, they are only  young but they give us some fruit even so which are like treasures in the late summer.P1090164

Lavender and thyme also bless us with their magical aromas everytime we brush past them.
Most days you will find GD and myself  at no. 10, watering, planting, weeding and tending, it is a very busy time of year for growing and I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else, I love our little plot.P1090130

We have tomatoes and peppers growing strong on our window ledges just waiting for our polytunnel to get situated, (which will be sometime in the next fortnight, yay, mega excited!) and then they will transfer over, and our poles are just waiting for the french and runner beans to be just a little bit more mature then they can be tripoded to give them support. We even have some pumpkins plants so we can make pumpkin pie this year and carve jack o lanterns.

a favorite space at the eco park
daisy heart
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