Gluten free Journey

Gluten free Journey

Gluten can be a key trigger if you are suffering from high antibodies causing pain and inflammation. Hashimotos Thyroid disease is closely linked to gluten sensitivity. Recently I got a private blood test done through my acupuncture therapist to see if my hypothyroid condition was definitely auto immune based and the results were conclusive ‘very high antibodies!’. The doctor from the testing lab advised my therapist to inform me to be serious about taking gluten out the diet and to work on healing my leaky gut.
So here I am blogging my journey and being accountable for my own health.
I do love cooking and playing about with food, so blogging about the food and drink I have over the next thirty days will be fun.
I am a little bit scared to tell the truth about what I am going to be able to eat 100 % gluten free and if any of you reading this are further down the gluten free road and would like to add any tips please please add to comments so we can all share experience.

Early: Nettle tea

Breakfast: Mesa Flakes, oat milk, 1/2 a banana.

10’s: Green matcha tea + 2 delicious apricots.P1090240

Lunch: Pan fried in coconut oil, salmon fillet seasoning pink himalayan salt, black pepper, sprinkle of kelp flakes. Tomato and red pepper over green salad leaves fresh from the garden.


Rasberry bio yoghurt.

Chamomile Tea.

4’s: Green matcha tea.

Dinner: Chicken curry, homemade with chicken from the farm, tomatoes, mushrooms, onion, coconut, gravy granules GF, seasalt, curry powder GF, (for recipe see blog post ‘Monday Curry’).
Red apple

Sleep easy tea.

Tonight I am settling down to read my new arrival.P1090245

I was listening to a podcast yesterday in which a lady was speaking about how she had been looking to supplements and scouring the internet for something to fix her autoimmune disease, but she had come to realize the healer was within herself and not something she needed to get from without, unbalance had manifested in disease and healing the root cause within herself was the key. I think over the past year I have begun to grab at supplements as a means to fix me and I do believe they play a very important role when our bodies are in need but ultimately I need to ask why am I depleted and what do I need to change in the way I live and respond to the world.

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