Gut Soothing Porridge G.F.

Gut Soothing Porridge G.F.

Have you ever tasted food and the taste was heavenly? This recipe is good if you are looking to be gluten free but equally this is just simply awesome food gluten free driven or not.
This is the second day in my 100% gluten free blog . My thought today is maybe it’s not so much about what needs to be given up but about new discoveries and food adventure.

The original recipe comes from ‘Food for a happy gut’ by Naomi Devlin. I doubled the recipe using  6 oz of oats etc because I was making it for me and GD but I could easily have stuck with Naomi’s quantity for one and still fed us both! however she does say it will keep until the next day and can be reheated.

80g  / 3 oz oats
2 tablespoons ground almonds or sunflower or pumpkin seeds (I used ground almonds)
1 heaped teaspoon live natural yoghurt
275 ml / 9 1/2 fl oz tepid water
pinch sea salt (optional) I didn’t use it this time.
Nut milk (Naomi gives instructions how to make it but I just used a carton I had in already).
2 tablespoons of collagen powder  optional (I didn’t have any) collagen helps sooth the lining of the small intestine.

Put the oats, ground almonds or seeds into a bowl and stir in the yoghurt and tepid water. Cover and leave room temperature 12-24 hours. P1090259

Ready for breakfast:
Transfer porridge to a small pan and add salt if using it and enough milk to get a soft consistency to your liking, enough to cook the oats for 3-4  minutes until nice and soft. Take off the heat and add the collagen if using.

To Serve:
2-3 tablespoons live yoghurt or coconut yoghurt (I used yeo valley plain bio).
Handful of fresh fruit (I used some raspberries).
Small handful of flaked almonds or chopped nuts (I substituted sunflowers seeds) but I think flaked almonds would be awesome too, going to get some today.
2-3 tablespoons ground linseed (flaxseed). I read somewhere that you need to grind the seed to let the body access the benefits, so I will need to get a coffee grinder to get mine properly ground, I just pulverised them this time in a mortar and pestle.
Ground cinnamon to sprinkle.
Either 1 teaspoon of raw honey, manuka honey, date or maple syrup (optional). I used date today but am looking forward to ringing the changes.soothing porridge

Preparing the oats the night before gives the porridge a creamier taste and makes it almost an instant breakfast the following morning. The addition of soaking with live yoghurt reduces anti nutrients that interfere with digestion.

There are also benefits to using raw milk containing beneficial enzymes instead of nut milk but as i’m advised to not have raw milk for the time being am not including it in my diet for the month.

If you are searching for gluten free recipe ideas the likelyhood you are suffering some sort of chronic disease is high, sometimes the journey may seem overwhelming, hang in there guys, xxx
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