How we celebrated Our Summer Solstice

How we celebrated Our Summer Solstice

The summer solstice, (Litha), the days grow longer as we approach June 21 in the northern hemisphere, at the summer solstice we celebrate the longest day of the year, meaning it has the most daylight hours, now it has passed the days will grow shorter.
For my family it means a gathering of the clan and a big food fest, this year I did a cauliflower curry with spiced yellow rice,


veggie scotch eggs on a bed a watercress, a board of creamy soft cheeses, little sausages and smiley potato faces, we had homemade lemon tarts some of them with Gluten free pastry I made so I could join in too, P1090499P1090518strawberries, jelly beans and mini gems.P1090519

We made our own thyme green candles for the table.



We made pulse pictures, most we stuck with glue but the sun wheel mandal we left free of glue and we all traipsed down to the back of the garden after dinner taking a handful of seeds each from the sun wheel and amongst lots of laughter scattered them over into the field behind us as an act of thanksgiving. To make a mandala is particularly powerful because the circle is a symbol of eternity, of wholeness, and of the ever spinning wheel of the year.

we also played the beetle game

The scents of Litha are bright and cheerful, celebrating the abundant sunshine and the fertile Earth. Each year I try to learn more about traditions and customs celebrating in harmony with the seasons.

This year I am adding the aroma of essential oils to my diffuser, 4 drops of orange essential oil, 3 drops of rose essential  oil, 2 drops of patchouli essential oil.  Orange is associated with the Sun, Rose is the flower of June and of love, Patchouli is associated with earth energy.

beautiful sunset over the field

2 thoughts on “How we celebrated Our Summer Solstice”

  • It sounds a lovely combination of activities for the Solstice! You are good ! ~ I did nothing except go for a nice walk : )
    Hope you are feeling gradually better on the new diet ~ it sounds like you are very pro-active and enjoying the challenge.
    Happy summer days..isn’ it beautiful?

    • hi Alexandra walking in nature is perfect for summer solstice, and the weather and sunsets continue to be glorious. So glad to hear from you, are you still posting? I don’t seem to get alerts any more since a month or so ago, hope you are keeping well xx

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