Making Bone Broth

Making Bone Broth

So I’ve tried a few ways to make a good bone broth and this method has given me by far the nicest outcome.
I am so lucky to have a good farm shop near me that supplies me with great beef bones from grass fed cows for free. Today’s post shows me making 2 pans worth as I couldn’t get them all in the one pan!.
a quantity of preferably grass fed beef bones
1 celery stick per pan of broth
1 carrot per pan of broth
2 large bay leaves per pan
5 black peppercorns

What is bone broth?
Bone broth is essentially a rich beef stock made by simmering collagen rich beef bones until you end up with a rich and nutritious savory broth.
Since making this recipe and doing some research it said to be even better if you wash and roast the bones first about 180C / gas mark 6 for about 30-40 minutes. (next time then!).

Strained broth ready to cool

Give the bones a quick rinse and then place in a pan big enough that the bones can be covered by water when they simmer. Add water to cover along with the celery, carrot, bay leaves and peppercorns. Bring to the boil, then reduce heat to a gently simmer, cover with a close fitting lid and simmer away for 6 – 24 hours, keeping an eye on the water level and topping up should it be needed.

I followed Naomi Devlin’s method and made mine late afternoon to simmer away all evening, left it to cool overnight and then gave it another few hours the next morning before straining off into kilner jars and popping in the fridge when cooled to chill. Once chilled they can be kept for upto 5 days in the fridge or 3 months in the freezer.

Why use bone broth?
It is full of health giving nutrients, amino acids, and minerals and can be used in any recipe that calls for beef stock, some people drink it as a nourishing drink but for myself I prefer to use it as a base for casseroles and soups.

Chilled after sitting in the fridge overnight and ready to put into handier sized jars for the freezer

Why is this vegetarian for 30 years with strong vegan tendencies blogging lyricaly about bone broth?.
If you have been following this blog for any time you will know that in my previous life pre diagnosis I was a very fit lady, hiking, camping, jumping off cliffs into icy water, high pain tolerance and thanks to years of swim training great endurance levels.
About 5 years ago before I knew I had any condition I began to get fatigued, have problems with my wrist and bone health, generally began to suffer with the cold, with pain, hair loss etc, a couple of Christmases ago after losing a couple of teeth, tinnitus came to stay with me and tormented me for many months before settling down to something I can live with.
I went to the doctors for the tinnitus and came away with a hashimoto’s diagnosis but also with kidney damage, anemia, heart and blood irregularities and after starting the meds severe costochondritis and also over the coming months fibromyalgia and an inability to walk properly on my left leg.
I am and always will be in my soul a vegan, I believe we are all connected and I do struggle with the concept of any being suffering in any way for my food, but I have to say although my diet still is predominantly vegan based I am feeling much stronger and my bone density and periodontal disease, my anemia, has all shown remarkable improvement since including quality sourced beef,  chicken and fish in my diet.
I was probably a very poor vegan and not having the correct food to maintain good health and nourish my body properly or perhaps it was once my condition triggered I simply needed more dense nutrient than I knew how to get plant based.

A little note this month’s gluten elimination trial to try and counter very high antibodies. 
I am happy to report that after being totally gluten free for only a few weeks, having been gradually replacing glutens over the last few months, I am feeling more energy, my fibro has quietened and I am walking without pain, the leg is weak but I am walking!

Leaving you on a veggie note our new polytunnel is up at last!


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