Our day in photographs

Our day in photographs

Early morning walk for Ella and Daisy, ready to go.P1090644
Dillon and Taz at the end of our lane love their morning strokes.P1090604

Daisy always says hello to Dillon.P1090606
The lane is full of hedgerow flowers.P1090611
Back for breakfast.Looks like a bird meeting out on the lawn under the fat ball feeders.P1090468
Off to the lake to see the grand children kayaking. Gate to the lake.P1090638
The cows in field feeling the heat.

Dog party! dogs round the lake cooling off together.P1090620

Grandboys in their kayaks and out their kayak!P1090629

Back home it’s too hot to be outside, instead making a birthday card for my daughter in law.

Making Granola ready for the month ahead

and making pizza for an evening meal.

I am blessed to be a mum of five children, one girl and four boys, my son in law is every bit as much as any mum could wish for her daughter, and with four boys come four  daughters in law, all them are amazing wonderful women. One of them recently got noted for her stunning photograph of Jellyfish down at our beach near gull rock, so I thought I would leave you with this.

jelly fish
Photo Credit Jazz Seary  


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