Seeded loaf

Seeded loaf

Today is day 3 of 30 days of blogging gluten free. For breakfast I used the porridge base from yesterday’s blog and after adding in the ground flax seed and two dollops of probiotic yogurt I sprinkle over some pumpkin seeds and added a dash of maple syrup with a few banana slices on the side.  It was so nice with the new additions and made it a completely different breakfast  by simply changing the topping a little, very scrummy!.


To complete yesterday’s meals:
I had red hummus with celery and watercress for lunch, it was meant to be on  crispbread that is  dark and seeded  but I managed to misplace the package between  going in the trolley and arriving home, so I had a whole grain brown rice cakes by Kallo for the base and it was surprisingly nice!. So a good find for a staple in the lader.P1090267
Some figs, pineapple and pumpkin seed for dessert. P1090268
Last night GD and I went for a swim in the sea at dusk at nearby Gwithian beach it was soooo good! but afterwards as we sat watching the darkening sky we realized after a morning of watching the grandboys on their kayaking lesson, walking the dogs and afternoon at the allotment putting  final touches in on the new polytunnel, we hadn’t eaten in hours, the wafts of food being cooked on various beach bbq’s had our tummies protesting and we came home to put on a couple of burgers from the freezer that I had made last week, we topped them with grilled oak smoked cheese and had them on a bed of watercress with GD’s delicious sauce.P1090272
GD found a couple of G.F. ales in our alley store, guess being G.F. has some perks!.
By 9 pm the temperature had dropped in the front of the cottage and we lit a small fire while we talked over what a lovely day it had been.
For beverages I am pretty consistent sticking with my herbal teas I especially love nettle, green, chamomile and pukka night time tea, sometimes I will have an oat or nut based milky drink. Snacks are generally fruit, I had some lovely peaches with my herbal tea yesterday afternoon, or it might be nuts, seeds and dried fruits, of which I had a small bowl with my G.F. ale after dinner.

Today we are all eating together later in the day so I have prepared a seed loaf for myself while the others are having chicken from the farm shop.
This is the fresh ingredients for the loaf before they get mashed together and put in a loaf tin to bake.
The recipe for Seed Loaf: Serves 4 prep 25 mins cook time 45 mins.

400g of organic carrots approx 4-5 medium ones.
150g ground sunflower seeds.
150g ground pumpkin seeds.
2 garlic cloves crushed.
1 heaped tablespoon of rosemary chopped.
1 tablespoon of parsley chopped.
1 teaspoon of sea salt.

Scrub but don’t peel the carrots and chop into small pieces. Steam or boil until soft, drain and mash.

Grind the seeds in a nut mill or food processor to make seed meal.
Crush the garlic and finely chop the rosemary and parsley.
Mix the seed meal, carrots and all the other ingredients together.
Press into a 1kg loaf tin, 20x10x6cm, lined with parchment. (I use the loaf tin liners you can buy from any good cookware shop). Press well enough to encourage the binding process to get a good sliceable loaf.
Bake in a preheated oven gas mark 6 /  200C /  400F. Approximately 45 minutes.
 Lift the loaf from the tin turn out off the liner onto a breadboard and slice with a bread knife.P1090288

You can find this recipe along with multiple other fantastic recipes in ‘Trinity’s Conscious Kitchen book’. Her books and facebook page have been an invaluable source of ideas and encouragement to me and are just so soul satisfying to read.

I’m going to have this with white waxy boiled potatoes and some green leaves steamed straight from the garden. For dessert I have defrosted the last of the blackberry harvest from last year and will top it with a G.F. crumble (I’ll be blogging the recipe tomorrow). I am also looking for a tomato free bolognese recipe for my daughter in law, if any of you have a good one please do share in comments. Hope you all have a blessed rest of this lovely Sunny Sunday.




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