Thoughts on living life with immune disease and a recipe for Millet Porridge, Naturally Gluten Free

Thoughts on living life with immune disease and a recipe for Millet Porridge, Naturally Gluten Free

I had often used millet in my muesli base but did not know how to use it in any other way so making porridge with it was a new adventure. The texture after soaking overnight reminded me of the semolina pudding we had as kids. This turned out to be full of flavour and an unexpected delight.P1090340

Ingredients for the recipe serves  one adult generously:
80g / 3 oz millet flakes
1 teaspoon of bio yoghurt
200ml / 7 oz tepid water
small pinch of seasalt
15g / 1/2 oz butter gently melted
125-150 almond milk

to top:
a handful of blueberries
1 small apricot cut into quarters
1 tablespoon of bio yoghurt
raw honey to drizzle

Place the millet into a coverable dish and stir in the yoghurt and water. Cover and leave at room temperature for 12-24 hours. I just prepare mine before bed and leave overnight.
When ready to eat transfer the porridge to a small pan, add the salt and cook gently for approximately 10 minutes, stirring often until the milet is tender and the liquid absorbed, add the melted butter and any more milk needed to make a creamy texture. Transfer to your serving bowl.

To top:
Serve with a dollop of bio yogurt, a few berries sprinkled over, apricot  quarters and drizzled with honey.P1090343
The above recipe is based on p.40 from Naom Devlins book ‘food for a happy gut’, in the original recipe Naomi adds blackberries and a peach instead of my substitutions and 2 tablespoons of collagen as an optional ingredient. The information that accompanies the recipe says the soaked millet has a high phosphorus and glutamic acid content excellent to aid repair in gut lining. (Collagen which I don’t have any of as yet) has gut soothing properties and she lists many fruits which are beneficial such as peaches, apples, pears and for fructose intolerance rhubarb, bananas, papaya, raspberries, blueberries and strawberries.
All the recipes this month are about healing a leaky gut, it is from a leaky gut my autoimmune health is compromised, elevating high levels of antibodies against my thyroid. I am a newbie at all this gut healing so forgive me if you find flaws in my research and please do comment and advise on any errors you may find. With my thyroid compromised and not tolerating thyroxine meds well I often suffer from other immune conditions such as poor kidney function, fibromyalgia, erratic blood pressure, and recently I have a couple of real bad results from health checks and it got me down a bit, but this week I am fighting back.
When my kids were little two of them had awful life changing prognosis’s pronounced over them, I refused to let these prognosis label them and two decades later they are happy, healthy, young adults. Sometimes I believe I feel a lot sicker after these poor  reports, so I’m into telling my body there is a great healing force in the universe, yes I like to use the word ‘God’ my God is expansive, universal and uniting, not a separated being from me or a confining belief as some would have when I refer to God, and i’m tapping into that thought and energy instead, singing and dancing and taking a joy in living, even on days when it hurts even to take a shower and i’m so tired. It’s not easy when you don’t look sick on the outside but inside you feel like you are dying, when you have good days sometimes and even weeks occasionally and you do things you used to do and everyone thinks hey you’re okay now so you must be all good end of story, but they don’t see the crashes afterwards or the effort it takes to admit to yourself that the stuff you did yesterday you are not going to be able to do today or tomorrow, heck even from hour to hour what my body can do and what my mind can cope with changes. Sometimes I am crying and my mind is saying “man up” but the tears won’t stop, my chemicals are all out of balance, my mood is so low, my speech feels muddled, my brain fog takes over, other times i’m Mrs positive, look for the silver linings girl.
So I’ve rambled on for long enough and now i’m off to have my minty pea and watercress soup I made pain like a boss






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  • Sorry that you are under par right now – you are doing well with your diet changes. I also have read into the Hashimoto blogs and it is all very interesting. Unfortunately I am putting up with early RA symptoms myself and am on medication but this has been giving good results so far. Am keeping as fit and flexible as poss at gym – static bike and aqua and running after 2yo grandson! No alcohol and lots of fresh foods and cooking from scratch here too. But…, like you after over exertions I do pay for it sometimes but am not giving up – too much living to do yet including travelling!! Best wishes with your ongoing health and well being👍

    • Thank you so much for your comments Angela and I wish you well with your condition and with all the travelling ahead, very exciting, and yes exercise is so very important, i’m a yogi and swimmer and grandchildren like you do keep both G.D. and I on our toes!, best of luck Debx

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