Making a Mabon Wreath

Making a Mabon Wreath

I love to celebrate the changing seasons and this year I wanted to add some decoration to our Mabon dinner (autumn equinox) on the 23rd. I looked around at what we had that I could use to make a wreath and found dried oranges, bay leaves, dried pear and apple rings and cinnamon sticks.P1090987 There was a ball of green wire in the shed, so I set about to make my first mabon wreath.P1100001
I know it’s not the prettiest one you ever saw but I am really pleased with it!. P1100002P1100004I think I may add some yellow in the form of lemon peel when I get some dried out, but all in all I’m chuffed. The other thing I found on my search were wonderful cherry tree leaves which are drying out nicely which I want for scattering on the table like you would petals at valentines.P1090982
Hubbys been preparing the veg for his tomato passata which will form the base for a roasted tomato sauce which I will post the full recipe for tomorrow, it’s the only tomato sauce I like, so am very happy:). This is the first stage of the process. These are our toms we have grown.P1090998

MMmmm they are roasting now and smell soo good.
Our own grown onions and rosemary, basil and thyme, the garlic was brought, sprinkled with black pepper, olive oil and sea salt.


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  • You have reminded me & inspired me. I will start collecting for Our Mabon Wreath tomorrow. So much love to you all, from Our Little Lowen Tribe πŸ™πŸΌπŸ˜ŠπŸ’•

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