Our Mabon 2018

Our Mabon 2018

One of my favourite festivals, ‘Mabon’, when the the focus lies on the aspect of the second harvest and speaks of the balance between light and dark. The ‘equinox’ meaning the time when day and night are equal length.
As the celebrations go ahead in gratitude of the gifts and fertility of the earth, we need also to take time to see and feel the changes in the soil and be aware that all is drawing inwards as the earth comes to rest, summer is at an end and winter lies ahead.

If we have been wise and heeded the seasons changes our pantries will be full of preserves and stocks from the days that are all but passed now, the days of abundant fruits and vegetables, our homes are warmed now by fires and the windows shine out light into the darkened night, be it by candle or electric light, while all outside becomes colder, seasonal changes alert us that winter is coming.

This is a time for reflection which also allows us space to welcome the return of the dark and to give thanks to the life giving sun, as it begins its journey into its own time of winter and rest.
We see the sun sink low on the horizon earlier, painting the evening sky glorious oranges and reds, the sky can appear ablaze in riotous colour, the whole of  heaven appearing as if engulfed in flame, at the same time we begin to feel the chill in the evening air that wasn’t there before, temperatures drop and bare shoulders ask for the warmth of a  shawl around them.

The farmer has harvested the crops in the fields behind our cottage, the lights of the tractors and the wiring of the engines sounding well into the night, our garden is beginning to die back, though we still have cauliflower, spring onion, kale and herbs, the trees have given us the last of their fruits , these beautiful apples went into the making of our mabon apple pies,P1100263 leaves are dropping from the cherry tree which we dried between book pages and used to scatter on our Mabon feast table, we decorated our seasonal tray/ alter with pine cones and rosemary, crystals and seashells, fruits from our pear and apple trees, a pumpkin from the allotment, a bottle of blackberry wine, colours of autumn, yellows, plums, oranges, reds, greens and browns. We lit a red candle in the middle of the tray which is hand carved with the tree of life and placed our homemade black and white dinner candles in the brass candlesticks we keep for celebration meals.P1100289
Three of my favourite crystals to use at this time of year are Citrine, Amethyst and Hematite.
Citrine my happy stone, Citrine is a Solar Plexus stone, its association is with abundance and manifestation. Citrine is a great stone for dispelling negativity, a good stone to use when you are dealing with depression or loss, which many people do seem to suffer from at this time of year, I love the happiness of this lovely orange stone, it is a stone that brings hope, joy and courage,  giving us the boost we sometimes need in the absence of the sun during the darker seasons.
Amethyst has a beautiful high vibrational violet colour, associated with the Brow Chakra  but also connecting with the Crown Chakra, Amethyst can help us to access our higher selves and aid connection to our higher consciousness, helping us find our truth and wisdom from within. Amethyst encourages creativity and balance and can be an aid to us during trying times.
I love the heaviness and deep silver grey of Hematite and the way it reflects light from its smooth shiny surface, it is a grounding stone associated with the Root Chakra and also an Earth Star stone. The Earth Star is a Chakra residing below us down in the earth, it aids connection to the grounding energy of earth’s iron core. A balancing, grounding and protective stone it has the ability to reflect back negativity. Hematite can be a comfort when dealing with emotional pain, its calming energies helping during times of loss, hematite is a good stone to have as the autumn season arrives, it imbues courage, as we transition to the darkness of the coming season.
I didn’t manage to get a good photo of our mabon feast this year as when we all pile into our kitchen adults, kids, dogs, serving food and living life takes precedence, but I did get a pic of some the cakes before they all arrived.P1100266


mabon blog quote
(I’m sorry I didn’t get the source of the above blessing if anyone knows it I would love to credit it).

Oh, I’m a bit busier these days at the mo, so I just wanted to share a couple of beautiful pics from a recent trip to st Nectan’s Glen where we did some sound bowl healing, hopefully I will get time to blog it more at a later date.DSCF9004

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