This past weekend was a pretty typical kinda weekend, so I thought I would share a few of the things we did as a little insight into GD’s and mine days and so when we are even older we can be reminded of what a brilliant time we are having right now.
First on saturday was a reflexology treatment for my lovely daughter in law
I do so love giving reflexology and now my wrist is stronger all my lovely balms and treatment goodies are seeing use again.
Next GD gets a haircut, cutting hair is another thing I really like doing, I am always so tempted though to do a number 3 on my own head, sometimes I love my mane, I would love to have some dreadlocks put in, but sometimes I would like the freedom of shaving it all off!

Saturday evening sees an invite over to eldest sons house for a lovely evening with daughter in law and grandchildren and grandchildren’s friends, some smashing food and a film. 🙂

Sunday: At the weekend I get between 2-3 hours of ironing I do and in return I get enough money to pay for my yoga classes, I seem to always be saying ‘I love’, but I really do enjoy the ironing and then handing it back all neatly pressed and ship shape and it always makes me super grateful because only a year ago picking up an iron was too heavy for my hand to hold and ironing too tiring for me manage.

Above pic-waiting to be ironed , all done, bedding in the basket.

While I am doing this weeks ironing, GD is podding the runner beans, these beans are the last of the runner beans from the allotment, the big tough skinned ones that get missed when picking and so we like to pod them, then blanch and freeze the beans, to use later in soups and stews mainly.

Up to the sewing machine to fix some jeans for my eldest son and alter a dress that was too long for me

An hour out to do some study, yes I actually love to study new things!P1100142
I hope you guys have all had a great weekend too,

    the season after summer and before winter, in the northern hemisphere from September to November and in the southern hemisphere from March to May.
    “the countryside is ablaze with colour in autumn”
      the period from the autumn equinox to the winter solstice.


5 thoughts on “Weekend”

  • Such a lovely weekend x I would go with the dreadlocks & then when you grow tired of them, then shave it all off to a number 3 & start over 🙏🏼💕 This weekend we collected leave for our Mabon wreath & I sliced & dried some oranges & apples. I found some cinnamon sticks too. Tomorrow I will collect more with the children & Wednesday after school we will all construct the wreath together from a willow branch ring that we are going to make. Lots of love always xxx Love hearing from you & all you get up to. It’s is both inspiring & refreshing xxx 😊

  • Thank you Kelly I will give the dreadlocks some thought!. Hope you have a great time collecting the mabon bits with the kids, it’s always so great to get out in nature, I would love to see the willow branch ring, I bet it will looks fab xxx

  • I like these sorts of posts best! A weekend spent well, I’d say. I do so love to read about what like-minded friends do to live with true quality of life! It’s great that you can do the ironing job without much difficulty ~ I love ironing too, its so cosy and comforting.
    I totally understand about the mad hair urge to get rid of it, but personally I think the long hair is very nice. My daughter shaved all hers off for charity once, she was mostly ok about it but did miss it at times plus…it was rather chilly!! Dreadlocks would be warmer 😉
    Your veg allotment is producing so well ~ you must be thrilled. Did you know how to grow all those veg before you came to Cornwall?
    I have been to Bhaktivedanta Manor this weekend for the Sunday feast. It was gorgeous…so sunny and hot ( just mentioning because I think I recall you like it there). We had natural rose and raspberry milky lassi for the drink, a beautiful delicate pink. Plus the usual yummy spicy food. Sat outside on the lawn eating thjs in bliss!
    You look lovely in your dress, btw.
    All the best,
    Little Owl (Alex) x

  • Hi Alex thank you so much for commenting on the post!, we did grow veg in the old house and at times even had an allotment, but never have we grown the range and have such bountiful rewards for our efforts, it really has been a surprise to us this year and it is still growing! winter cabbage, kale, brussels, pumpkin, squash parsnips, swede, and there are still beetroots to harvest and apples and blackberries, rosehips, it is amazing!.I’m so glad you enjoyed your day at the Manor I do so miss it there. Do you post? I would love to read if you do,:) xx

  • Hey again, am thinking of starting up soon at Little Owls Observations – this Owl has been doing lots but not writing about them properly yet!! I will certainly let you know when something’s there!

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