Cooking for Joy

Cooking for Joy

Whenever I am feeling a bit under par or a bit low the thing I like to do to lift my spirits is get in the kitchen and cook.
Most of my recipes this week are coming from Trinity’s conscious Kitchen, so if you like these offerings best to get over to her website and see for yourself. As Trinity is so great on gluten free Vegan inspiration infused with spiritual awareness that’s why I so often end up using her recipes in my meal plan.

I started off making ‘Trin’s Soul Food Special’ a sweet potato based aromatic soup, we used the last of the dried mushrooms which GD and I dried last year and passatta we jared up last month, (see October for our passatta blogs). I also used veg from the soup to fill a pasty made with gluten free puff pastry to have today with a cup of soup left over from yesterday, it was delicious .P1100554


Buddha bites for a lovely cacao treat so simple (takes 5 minutes). Who doesn’t love chocolate!.P1100553

Next time I make these I will take a  little more time to break  the walnuts down a tad more than I did, but brilliant anyways just as they were.

As GD and I are on a tight budget I was looking for ways to save money and have found that to make my diary free milk is cheaper than buying the tetra packs from the supermarket and as Trinity points out, no rubbish for landfill. We have a thriving wormery so my nut pulp is heading down there when it stops raining.
Today I am making hazelnut milk.

Tonight I am making Quinoa medley with fresh picked parsley from the herb bed.P1100559
Tomorrow Thai Coconut Curry with Kaffir lime leaves and butternut squash. GD and I have soooo many butternut squashes we have grown at the allotment,  so am glad to have found a really good recipe to use some up in. I will serve it with Turmeric yellow rice.

I’m having a bit of a fibro flare at the moment, head is foggy, limbs aching, ears ringing,  tired, but I can get in my kitchen and play with all these wonderful foods, I can put on music and soak in a salt bath, I have a warm safe bed to sleep in and I can write and blog away and take photos of gorgeous healthy food, I have family and friends around me, so I am grateful and counting my blessings.

Love and light to everyone and if you are reading this and need a hug consider yourself  hugged.

cooking hugs

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