Nutty Crumble with gluten free option

Nutty Crumble with gluten free option

At this time of year, November, a lovely dessert to be making is a fruit crumble, all those gorgeous apples, blackberries, rhubarb and fruits harvested from the late summer and early autumn, come into their own. Topped and baked with a nutty home made crumble, Mmmmm!. I like to bake seasonally but any fruits, peaches, apricots go equally well. Serve on its own or with lashings of cream or vanilla custard, a treat on a cold and overcast day, or if you are in the southern hemisphere how about topped with cooling ice cream.

Ingredients: crumble topping.
1 cup ground almonds.
1 cup butter.
4 tablespoons coconut sugar or can use light muscovado if preferred.
1 cup of  either gluten free plain flour, spelt or stone ground wholemeal.
Sprinkle of sesame seeds.

Fruit base:
5 medium cooking apples, or 8 ripe peaches etc, peeled and cored or stoned and chopped.
1 tablespoon raw honey or a little sugar to your own taste.

Stew the fruit gently with a little honey (or sugar), allow to soften and remove from heat.
Place the fruit in a medium sized casserole dish with a lid.
Pop all the crumble ingredients into a processor, a short blitz, you don’t want a dough, just a light biscuit texture, but also is nice to do by hand time allowing.
Top the fruit base with the biscuit crumble.
Place in a preheated oven, 180 C / 350 F / gas mark 4.
Bake time 25-30 minutes. Remove the lid 10 minutes before end of baking for a nice golden brown top.

Notes: You can make up all kinds of fruit base, add raisins or cinnamon, rhubarb and banana, even tinned fruits like pear would be fine, but I like this so much because I can use fruits that have been grown in season and have not been grown artificially, generally that makes them cheaper to buy in season, great when you are on a budget, being frugal and its the healthiest option.

2 thoughts on “Nutty Crumble with gluten free option”

  • I love crumbles! I usually use half flour, a quarter polenta for crunch, and a quarter porridge oats for texture. I have not tried using ground almonds though I put them in cakes quite often. Thank you for sharing so many recipes. I hope to try your Christmas cake one soon but need to go shopping first as I am not sure I have all the ingredients in the pantry – stocks are a bit low as, like you, I have been trying to use up odds and ends.

  • Thanks for commenting going batty in wales!, I have loads of polenta in the cupboard and never thought to use it like that, am definitely going to give it a go, sounds fab. I hope you enjoy the Christmas cake, our first one has already gone! xx

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