New Year Home

New Year Home

New years eve we spent at our eldest boys house playing games of pool and board games, having good food with the family, singing ‘auld lang syne’ meaning ‘times long past’, badly, along with the t.v. London firework crowds and then wandered home expecting to sleep in late, but for some reason I was eager to greet the new year, the new day, and GD and I had a cup up of tea in bed as he first light began break.
A slow breakfast and then time to pack the tree and the last of the decorations away, we always leave the more rustic decorations and the tree up until the 1st, but then its a clean sweep to welcome in the new year.
Matthew our youngest was with us just one more day before leaving to catch his train back to London and moving into a new digs in White chapel, literally a stones throw from Hoxton and shore ditch where most of his grandparents from both sides originally hail from.
After a lovely catch up phone chat with my daughter and an hour or so of reiki study, I had the luxury of a long soak in an essential oil bath, the only thing was I could not stay awake to enjoy it and kept nodding off ! all too evident of my lack of sleep hours the previous night. However, later  on, who could miss watching the new years day episode of Dr Who, which actually this year I thought was really enjoyable.
I made some smashing hash browns for our evening meal out of left over mash that had butter and a little milk in, I added finely chopped onion, shaped little patties and coated them in flour, beaten egg and black pepper, fried them off in in a frying pan for around 8 mins each side until they were nicely browned and served them to go with dinner.
The following day, Wednesday, was a clean the house day and everywhere is looking much clearer and I feel ready for the year ahead.

Our ‘no spend’ year has begun, last year we did the January pantry challenge which we kind of continued haphazardly through the year, and so we  took inventory and logged the freezer and cupboards and have been meal planning for the next few of weeks.
GD helped by clearing the freezer out of rhubarb and I now have 3 demijohns of rhubarb and ginger wine  bubbling away, joining the 2 spiced pumpkins and 1 beetroot wine already nestled for warmth by the front room radiator  P1100831
Last year I failed terribly at staying away from Amazon ordering, despite my best intentions, on the premises it’s more environmentally friendly and cheaper to bulk buy, but now into my third week and doing really well, in fact we have had a ‘no spend’ record since xmas eve on anything!.
One reason it is important for us to do this properly this year is there is a new growing season ahead and we want the freezers and cupboards empty, from this we can see where we grew too much too little etc. from last year and adjust for this year.

One of the things that has changed this year is my yoga, for a few reasons, one being GD’s poor back, (waiting on an MRI to find out the problem), and so am building up my home practice, and hoping it will inspire me to write more in a most neglected part of my blog ‘yoga and spirituality’ many years ago I enjoyed teaching children’s yoga and a few adult small groups. As I practice I hear my past yoga teachers intoning me to ‘stand into my back leg’ or to ‘get those shoulder down’, I am so grateful for them all, Matt Gluck, Tara Fraser, Karen Calder, amazing teachers who have blessed my journey.

So yesterday after feeding the chicken and putting on a brew, I did my first hour of new years yoga, lit by candle light, a beautiful hour of feeling closer to spirit and in love with the world.
After yoga I had breakfast, homemade granola and almond milk, which you can find in ‘recipes’ on the blog, then spent some time making a birthday card for one of the grand boys turning nine soon, where has the time gone? and found some cool photos for ideas for the card I’m making for my youngest who is turning twenty three!.
For lunch there were eggs and waffles with GD’s amazing tomato sauce he made last autumn which is blogged if you want to try it and it is super good! .P1100724 Planted out some bulbs in the garden after lunch, some are definitely iris but there a whole bunch I have no idea as the labels have fallen off since we lifted and stored the bulbs last year and they are going to be a surprise for sure.P1100725We have had the AGA back on and I just love the heat from it and also I can cook our fish on it later on tonight.P1100726
Just for crazy interest. Have you seen this tradition we have at our local beach? boxing day hundreds go for a dip! most not even a wet suit!, bit too chill for me bbbrrrrr.

portreath box day swim
Boxing day 2018 tradition photo credit Portreath life saving club

So after simplifying all through last year we managed to store all the xmas bits and and sundry items in the side alley, nice and neat, nothing is up in the loft, so no more gymnastics for me next year!.
After all that tidying up, today GD and I decided to go for a winters walk around Heligan Gardens, a lovely place full of beautiful natural walks. (See next post for walk at Heligan.)P1100731

Oh and the farmer has sheep in the field at the back of our house for the fist time since we moved here, so I will leave you with this pictureP1100727

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