Cheese and vegetable dijon quiche

Cheese and vegetable dijon quiche

I started to blog this post about my quiche recipe, but then was tempted to describe it as a tart in the title and GD thought it might actually be a flan. Well according to this lovely little chart I found on
it probably qualifys mostly as a quiche, but we will also have it cold so a tart, but then again it could be called a flan, what it isn’t is a pie!.

Quiche Shallow Single – Bottom only Warm Custard Topping (Egg and cream)
Tart Shallow Single – Bottom only Cold/Room temp May have custard based filling, not always
Pie Deep Double – Top & Bottom Hot/Warm No custard based filling
Flan Deep/Shallow May not have a crust Cold/ Room temp Custard

So I blogged this before because it is an awesome quiche

FPC 15/01/18 Courgette, cheddar, dijon tart with leeks in a shortcrust pastry pie base

but this time I added french beans and leek grown at no 10 (our allotment) and a red pepper because it was beginning to wilt in the fridge and needed using.
It came out Sooo nice I thought I should post it again and add a more recent photo.P1110173
Bonus- this is very easy to make and tastes awesome!. Lovely hot or cold.

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