Life and Allotment in April & May

Life and Allotment in April & May

Hi again, well its all been a bit busy this past couple of months. We have had birthday celebrations in amidst it all, my beautiful daughter, her 36th birthday,jen pic for blog

My middle son his 30th and my daughter in law her 29th a day after.julian and jazz 2019 bdays

bbq on the beach
Birthday BBQ on the beach ‘Cornwall’ style- blooming freezing!

I celebrated my 60th. I had a big surprise on the Friday evening as my daughters family and my youngest knocked on the door and shouted surprise! which I really was, I had cried when they all went back to London and Corby up North two weeks before after coming down for my sons 30th, not realizing they would be back so soon. On the Saturday all the girls went down to the Kernow salt water pool for our own private session while the boys cooked up an amazing vegetarian feast, and then there was all the yummy cakes my daughter made, the cupcakes even had edible photographs on them, and unicorns my youngest granddaughters inspiration, amazing!. The whole family worked so hard in all different ways to make me feel really special. Thanks to all of them for making me feel so loved and supportedmy bd blog pic
60th bd food60th bday cakes

My M.I.L was in hospital for a number of weeks and there were visits up North.

We finally got our new car ‘yay ‘after a bit of a delay, so no more freezing, boiling, and running past our turnings because the indicator decided not to work this time!.

I took my reiki level 2, it was a fab couple of days and looking forward to doing the next level.5reiki pic for blog

We have minded dogs, kids, and houses for our families down here while they have been away, we have had friends and family visiting and staying.

The allotment has been full on and also the garden deep beds, it doesn’t matter what we plant everything seems to just bloom.P1110527
We have been trying to live solely from the freezer to try and empty it before the new crops arrive, we are not doing a bad job of it either but so much is ready to eat now, our lettuces, red, cos and flat leaf, P1110394radish, leeks, spring onion, rhubarb, gooseberry, mint, oregano, nettle, burnet, parsley,  chives, garlic chive, coriander, calendula, rosemary, thyme, sage and more besides.P1110528
Our carrots,  P1110542

broad beans,P1110529celery,  peas, beetroot, P1110545

P1110543parsnip, turnip, squashes, courgettes and pumpkins have all taken well, our spuds and onions red and white and shallots are thriving, P1110551

P1110544the only crop we lost were the garlic and we think that was because of the erratic weather conditions we had when we planted the bulbs.

The blackcurrant bushes, cherries and fig trees are all looking healthy. The blossom on the fruit trees have been amazing this year, one of the apple trees that in over three years has never blossomed is this year full of apple buds, P1110530the gooseberries suffered saw fly last year but we washed the roots and replanted else where and they are laden this year with healthy fruit, the pear tree which suffers the worst of the winds from the field behind and usually drops its buds is also carrying a good crop so far.P1110531
below is a photo of the cues, toms, peppers, radish, spring onion, mustard lettuce, flat leaf lettuce and calendula in the poly tunnel
The freezer still has green beans, cabbage, parsnip, turnip, broccoli, peas and apple and still just a few onions left in the alley, so really proud of ourselves in that we have been pretty self sufficient in many of the vegetables we use the most and we are so excited that for the first time ever we have a blue tit nesting in a box we put at the allotment.P1110537
Below photo from the back of the plot

Below photo from front of plotP1110557

Also happening over the last couple of months I have opened my reflexology therapy up a few hours a few mornings a week, I have renamed it ‘Lazy days Reflexology’ and gradually building up work which is very fulfilling. I have not even had any joint pain from it, amazing!  fibro pain has all but gone, some issues still with leg and ankle at times, but mostly all good😊. There was a marked shift in my health after taking my reiki 2, so am well pleased.

GD and I also spent a few days up at Glastonbury camping just at the base of the Tor where I arranged to meet Gary Winer who is my ‘spiritual’ hair dresser which means he gives life guidance, a mini Indian head massage as well as an awesome haircut.gary glastonbury

glastonbury hair cut
The sheep were all around us and the orchard full of blossom made the whole place magical

I leave you with a lovely photo of the Tor zoomed in and taken from our campsite.


5 thoughts on “Life and Allotment in April & May”

  • Happy belated birthday(s) my friend!!
    I am in a hurry just now but just bobbed by to congratulate you on your 60th! It is mine in June next year! We are quite close in age!
    Your post looks like just the sort I like to read and later today I will enjoy every little bit.
    See you soon,
    My very best wishes to you. Alex x

  • Lovely to hear all your news – what healthy looking produce you grow, what is in that soil !! Must be all the copper and tin; ) you must feel a great sense of accomplishment in successfully passing reiki 2 and setting up your therapy practice. Wish I could make an appointment!
    We often go camping near Glastonbury town, and I also find it quite magical esp at this time of year. There’s nowhere quite like it! I have to go every year ; )
    Have a great start to June!

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