About Me

I am mum to five beautiful grown children and Nan to five energetic grandchildren ages 4 to 13. My lovely husband is ‘GD’ stands for Granddad, or great dinosaur according to one of the little ones.

I began to blog two years ago as a means to record a time of transition, when my hair began to turn white, the three youngest flew the nest within 6 months of each other, a job ended and we were no longer the Parentals but the Grandparents.

I thought I would be recording family moments, little did I know that less than two years in I would be blogging a whole new adventure.

A necessitated downsizing move brought us from a London suburb to an 1800’s coastal cottage in Cornwall, where we are learning to live simply, recycle, regenerate and make from scratch.

New skills are required from stoking the Aga, to baking with different flours, using eggs from our chickens, to chopping wood for the fire and harvesting our own seeds.

Our aim is to have fun while we discover and grow and we welcome you along on our journey.